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Paging Dr. Google?

Today I caught up with Susannah Fox, Associate Director at Pew Internet and American Life Project. Fox and I are both in New York City for Personal Democracy Forum, a two day event dedicated to how technology is changing politics.

I was fortunate enough to get a few minutes of Fox’s time, who recently published a study with Pew called “The Social Life of Health Information.” Hear what she has to say about years of public opinion polling  - what is has shown about patients, how they find health information, how the Internet has changed things…and how it has kept them just the same.

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  • Dental Palmdale

    Very interesting post. Indeed, internet changed our lives. It does not only make our work easier, it also make us aware of the things around us, even without getting out of your house.

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  • Dave Haft

    I’m a big fan of the report. Glad to see the data we depended on from the prior one is now updated! Erica – I believe we met at a HealthCamp meetup in Rockville. Glad to see your keeping track of the pulse of hcsm… Our TRICARE (military health plan) initiatives are just now getting off the ground.

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  • NextGenWeb

    [...] where are they going on the Internet exactly?  Friend of NextGenWeb Erica Anderson captured an interview with Susanna Fox, Associate Director at Pew Internet and American Life [...]

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