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Technology Brings Global TV Interview Closer to Home: Skype™ Saves the Day

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The ever-changing world of technology is giving new meaning to the old adage, “It’s a small world after all.”  We recently learned how versatile SkypeTM can be for conducting international media interviews. And why not? The free software is very popular among those who want to catch up and stay in touch with family and friends virtually from around the world.

In October, John Seng blogged about the launch of the “Find the Other 150” campaign, a global quest to find the undiagnosed children with Progeria, led by The Progeria Research Foundation, in partnership with Spectrum’s GlobalHealthPR partners.  With any campaign, there’s usually a logistical challenge to overcome when participating in a face-to-face broadcast interviews that’s a plane ride away.  A global campaign – well, that takes it to a whole new level — as we’ve recently found out with an inquiry from South Africa.

The reporter was creating a broadcast program on Progeria to raise awareness of the disease in his country. He requested to speak with someone from PRF regarding the medical and scientific sides of Progeria that would complement the personal side of his story. PRF’s Medical Director, Dr. Leslie Gordon, was willing to participate, but the thousands of miles that separated her from the reporter made a broadcast interview very challenging.

Then SkypeTM saved the day: Dr. Gordon was able to use the video camera on her computer to conduct the interview from the comfort of her own home. Through the use of Skype, Dr. Gordon was able to see her interviewer, as well as herself, as they discussed the rare disease and the recent medical advancements that have been made for Progeria.  Program viewers will be able to see Dr. Gordon’s interview face-to-face — something that might not have been possible ten years ago.

It’s great this technology has helped us make the big world seem smaller, and we can now only hope that the interview brings us one step closer to finding the other children around the world with Progeria.

Stay tuned for more updates on our quest to “Find the Other 150.”

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