Beat the Sit Out of COVID-19

The data speak the truth about the impact of social distancing on the spread and impact of COVID-19. If we stay at home for 90 days, the decline in cases and deaths is remarkable. But the alternative, if we return to society too early, is alarming and unacceptable.

As an agency focused on connecting humankind to its best healthlife, communicating the urgency around staying home and the criticality of “out-sitting” the virus is our obligation. Beat the Sit Out of COVID-19 is an urgent call to action that encourages people to sit home and, most of all, unifies us against this common enemy by making the fight meaningful and personal.

Everything worth living for is worth sitting for—and the more we sit, the more we stand to gain.

Join us as we stay home to protect our loved ones and #BeatTheSit Out of COVID-19.

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