Biotechs beware! Your personality will make or break your company’s image

As an emerging biotech, there’s only one thing worse than having a bad personality – not having one at all. Think about it: personality, or a set of human traits captured in 3 to 6 words, communicates the qualities of your company above and beyond functional benefits. It’s what you want your potential investors, employees and customers to FEEL about you. In fact, there’s a lot more riding on your personality than you might think...

Without a personality, your logo is a no-go

Believe your company is driven, avant-garde and savvy? Then you must arrive at these personality traits before you open your checkbook for a logo exploration. Why? Because your typeface, font and iconography have very specific intent and meaning, playing vital roles in representing what you stand for. Your logo is like a tattoo – make sure it’s really who you are before it’s yours for life. But no logo is truly complete without color…

The alluring aroma of a red rose. The mouth-watering effect of a citrus fruit. The warmth and warning of a scorching sun. As a visual society, we experience the world in full color. Colors also have emotions and meanings associated with them and are largely informed by – spoiler alert – personality. So whether it’s hanging on your building, on a booth at a convention or on something as small as your business card, short-changing the personality will only prove to be shortsighted, and short on meaning. Logos are built to last and personality provides the genetics – build responsibly.

Without a personality, your company has no voice

Biotechs all want to talk about innovation, high-science and unmet needs. That’s exactly why they all run the risk of sounding the same. This unfortunate condition is known as Tone Deficiency Syndrome. The remedy? You got it – personality. Your unique personality traits directly inform your voice, giving you license to craft and inject your branding and communications with the “special sauce.” Suddenly, your story has life, with the power and personality to truly stand out to potential investors, employees and customers alike.

Remember, tone is emotional currency – don’t speak science without it.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Justin Rubin, Executive Creative Director. For more insight into telling your company’s science story, check out our full series on why success starts with strategy.

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