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Instagram Debuts Stories Likes

Users can now "Like" Instagram Stories, finally providing a way to engage with someone's content that isn't as active as a direct message. This functionality will appear when viewing a story between the "Send Message" and paper airplane icon. Likes on Stories are private and do not have counts. The engagement will only appear as a heart next to users' handles in their Stories bar. As with most Meta platform updates, this roll out will reach some users before others in the coming days or weeks. Read More

So what?
Sometimes you want to show appreciation or support without engaging in a conversation, and Stories Likes responds directly to that behavior. It's likely that Instagram will be using Stories Likes in their algorithm to surface Stories that users are most likely to engage with. Now more than ever, it's important to create quality, valuable content for audiences with strong CTA's to engage (e.g., "Like" if you agree or engage with a link sticker format).

Snapchats Enables Mid-Roll Ads Functionality for Creators

In the coming months Snapchat will be releasing mid-roll ads functionality for their "Snap Star" creators, an attempt to bring creators back to their content after TikTok and Instagram have been dominating the scene. Creator monetization would come from view counts which could incentivize creators to keep posting to the app more often. Read More

So what?
For advertisers, mid-roll ads pose an opportunity to reach Snapchat's community with a new placement - but that's clearly not the goal of this functionality. With the competition for attention heating up, each app is focusing on how they can win over creators and keep them posting on their platforms. This isn't a ground-breaking ads functionality, but rather an exercise for Snap to highlight the benefits of posting to creating on their platform instead, to win back attention TikTok.

Survey Findings: How can pharma avoid HCP 'promo fatigue'?

Surveys conducted by Indegene and Accenture indicated that over 60% of HCPs feel bombarded and overwhelmed by the amount of promotional content from drug makers since the pandemic began. 65% said at least one Pharma company "spammed" them. Read More

So what?
It's prudent for brands and advertisers to embrace an omni-channel approach in order to tell a synchronized story. No more silos! The need to understand the audience and to provide value vs. being "sales-y" has never been more important in this cluttered market.

Twitter Shares New Insights into What Users Want to See from Brands via Tweet

"The Twitter Conversation Report," shares helpful observations and insights to inspire brands' planning efforts. In this special edition, Twitter Next Brand Strategy Experts conducted "first-of-its-kind research" about people’s point-of-view on Twitter. Thousands of Tweets from well-known brands were reviewed and tests and surveys were conducted in multiple countries to determine what user POV means for evolving brand behavior on the channel. According to the research, Twitter users are increasingly interested in what brands have to say, and are engaging in conversations with (and about) brands. Read More

So what?
Highlights from the "real-talk" report include:

  • Twitter users don't mind branded content that is authentic and engaging
  • Brands tone of voice should change and adapt with the times as necessary
  • If addressed appropriately, no topics are off limits
  • Don't fear sparking a reaction

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