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Instagram is Exploring a Customizable Profile Grid

Instagram is Exploring a Customizable Profile Grid​
Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Instagram is testing the ability to re-arrange already published posts on the feed, enabling users to select which images they'd like to showcase on their profiles. Posts have always appeared on users' profiles in chronological order, so this will be a big shift for the platform. There is also buzz surrounding the idea of 'pinning' posts (which can be done on TikTok, Twitter, and other platforms), which would allow users to select which posts remain at the top of their profiles. Read More

So what?
The ability to rearrange profile posts could be leveraged by both individual users and business accounts, but we see the largest potential implications for influencer partnerships. Maintaining profile positioning could become an aspect of contractual agreements to ensure content doesn't get bumped lower on profiles prematurely or to request that posts are 'pinned' for a certain period of time. It will also be important to utilize social media monitoring tools to track engagement over time, not simply by which posts are at the top of users' profiles. We will continue to monitor this news as a roll-out date has not been provided.

The Most Shared Content on LinkedIn in 2021

The Most Shared Content on LinkedIn in 2021

What was big on LinkedIn in 2021? It may not come as much of a surprise that the most engaging posts on a social media platform dedicated to careers and work were about navigating the workplace (virtual or otherwise) in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employee burnout, countries experimenting with a four-day workweek, and companies solidifying plans to let their employees work from home indefinitely were the talk of the virtual water-cooler last year. Read More

So what?
While "these unprecedented times" have become more and more "precedented" over the last two years, it's important to keep a pulse on what's resonating most on LinkedIn, as this can provide direct line of sight on the perspectives and feelings of a company's employees. Furthermore, these insights are vital as companies and agencies strategize content for the new year, and it's clear these trends aren't cooling down for Q1.

Meta to Build Guidelines for Influencer Partnerships in the Metaverse​

Meta to Build Guidelines for Influencer Partnerships in the Metaverse​
Lil' Miquela

With the rise of digital avatars and fully digital influencers, Meta is working with partners like software firm Synthesia to establish clear ethical guardrails for how these virtual influencers (VIs) are used on its apps. Though VIs may seem like a wholly futuristic concept, Meta confirmed that its platforms are home to more than 200 VIs, some of whom have large followings and collaborate with the world's biggest brands (check out popular VIs Shudu and Lil' Miquela).

There are some obvious benefits to leveraging VIs, including that they're not human, so they can be used more flexibly and placed anywhere. However, VIs bring with them a host of potential problems, including deepfakes and other issues related to misuse and false representation. Read More

So what?
As the metaverse continues to expand and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies are developed, digital personas will become more and more important. As these technologies and the use of VIs grow, it's clear that online platforms like Meta have an obligation to be transparent about what's real and what's not real on their platforms, as the lines continue to blur.

Search Incrementality: How Paid and Organic Work Together for Better Performance

Search Incrementality: How Paid and Organic Work Together for Better Performance
Jonathan Kagan

When it comes to search, will you ever be able to stop bidding on brand terms and rely purely on organic rankings? Probably not. When the assumption is that your organic rankings are strong enough to keep traffic stable, some brands may be tempted to cut back on paid campaigns to save money. That's typically not a good idea. Per Jonathan Kagan, VP of search at 9Rooftops, "Unless your name is eBay, which is one of the few brands that have proven that they can do it without that, it’s not going to work for you.” For most queries, the search results page will show a variety of domains and paid search ads can increase the amount of real estate a brand takes up on the page. Kagan also shared how organic and paid can overdeliver together and how to evaluate paid search incrementally. Read More

So what?
As paid search marketers, we often get the question: why do I have to pay for my brand terms? I am already showing up for them organically.

This article explains the value of incrementality that happens through establishing a strong presence organically and through paid search. The author provides guidelines for evaluating whether organic listings alone can do the heavy lifting for driving site traffic.

60 Companies say Facebook Unfairly Rejected their Ads for Women's Health Products

60 companies say Facebook Unfairly Rejected their Ads for Women's Health Products
NurPhoto via Getty Images

According to a report from the Center for Intimacy Justice, five dozen companies specializing in women’s health products and services said Facebook has frequently rejected their ads over objections they contain “adult content." Facebook’s advertising policies prohibit reproductive health products or services that focus on sexual pleasure. These companies are claiming Facebook's policies are sexist and arbitrary.

A spokesperson for Meta said its enforcement isn’t perfect and that sometimes it makes mistakes. The company also noted it has its current policy in place in part because it strives to take into account what people from different countries and cultures will take away from ads that promote adult products. Read More

So what?
Any branded page that wants to run Facebook ads needs to ensure the page has been accepted for the Facebook Prescription Drug Advertiser Application before running them, especially ads for women's health products. Facebook is not perfect when reviewing content, but there are ways to resolve ad rejections, such as reaching out to a Facebook representative for help or submitting a request to have an ad re-reviewed.

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