EVP Patrick Richard On Tech's Role in the Future of Healthcare Communications for PharmaVoice

Savvy consumers are forcing pharmaceutical marketers to look for different ways to connect and for messaging to resonate. Check out insights from Patrick Richard, Spectrum EVP of Engagement Strategy, below.

A Powerful Relationship
Digital marketing firms’ continuous dedication to technology trends makes agency partners extremely adept at leveraging a vast array of platforms. When combined with pharmaceutical marketing teams’ deep understanding of their therapy areas, the synergy helps create communications with real impact for healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers. If either partner is weak, it can lead to a difficult-to-repair breakdown in the audience experience. However, the right combination can be extremely powerful.

Creating a Digital Journey
We are hearing about artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots consistently but, in five years, I believe these areas will not only continue to work in unison, but will also have significantly expanded to allow for continuous and omnipresent dialogue at the individual level. This growth will take digital marketing from linear interactivity to understanding human behavior based on 360-degree life inputs. The implications of this shift go far beyond promotional messaging, adding tangible value to decision-making at every point along an individual’s digital journey.

This originally appeared as part of PharmaVoice's September Showcase. Read the full feature here

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