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It’s a gift bag.

It’s the
Give Card

Give it a go: enter your city to
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Place items in the bag that have the power to brighten someone’s day. Use the guidelines below for help on the endless possibilities of giving.
We don’t want your actions to go unnoticed! Post your bag on social media using #givecard to spread the giving spirit across the digital world.
Now here’s the best part. Give your bag! It could be given to anyone in your life or a donation center of your choice. See below for tips on where to give in your local area—including a tool to help you find your nearest donation center!

what to give

A pick-me-up for a friend or food delivery driver. A hand-me-down for a neighbor or family member in need. Not only does the Give Card deliver material items like food, clothes, and toys, it also gives the gift of warmth, comfort, and hope. With the card that literally transforms from card to donation bag, let’s turn season’s greetings into giving, well wishes into well doing, and a disposable habit into a purposeful solution. While we know it’s always the thought that counts, there are some items that are better to give than others:

Positive vibes

A financial donation

A helping hand

Children’s toys

New socks and underwear

Clothing or outerwear

Canned or boxed, dry goods

Another Give Card™ (shameless plug)


Perishable items (yes, fruitcakes count)

Anything in poor condition

Your children (sometimes tempting, we know)

Hazardous items

Again, fruitcakes

Expired goods

Your dirty laundry

Pets (too much responsibility)

give a click!

Through Spectrum’s partnership with Good Today—a platform that makes it easy to give daily donations to hundreds of charities across the globe—we’ll only need a second of your time to make an everlasting impact. And the best part: Spectrum will donate on your behalf to causes nearest to us.

All you have to do is…click.

Give Today!

where to give

Donations are always in demand. Filled Give Card bags can be dropped off at donation centers in your area that can use these items for the good of the community.

And of course, when using the Give Card as a gift, feel free to leave under holiday trees, on doorsteps, or anywhere your recipient will easily spot it!

Enter your city to find a donation center near you

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    give yourself
    a break

    The simple act of making a gift, a donation, or doing something good for another human being can spark positivity and feel energizing. Or, think of it this way: each Give Card you give—gives back—to you!

    And remember: while giving back this holiday season (and beyond), it’s important to keep “you” in mind as well.

    Check out the following resources available to keep stress low and spirits high.

    Time with loved ones
    Find some great holiday activities to do with the family
    Release some endorphins by going for a run
    Whether through meditation, journaling, or other forms of self-care, find what works for you
    Pet therapy
    Get in all the cuddles with your favorite fur friends
    Check out these quick, delicious holiday recipes

    see who’s been giving