How We’re

The Right Strategies For Real Impact

Healthcare and science communications are our passions. We work to understand you, your business goals and barriers, and where you can best make a difference. We then build the right team to get the job done. Our multi-disciplinary approach pairs scientists with writers and strategists with web designers—all to deliver the best thinking and solutions to your business challenges.

Leading With Science

Science is your business and scientific storytelling is ours. Science drives credibility, increases value and builds leadership. Scientific storytelling differentiates brands and companies, establishes trust among consumers, influencers and health care providers, and drives loyalty. We know what makes for a good story and we tell your science story in a way that engages audiences and gives you a competitive edge.

Our Secret Sauce

For us, the process of coming up with big ideas is as exciting as the end result. Creativity is where we really shine. We thrive in a collaborative environment where team members participate in active brainstorming, and build innovative ideas based on strategy and insights. See our creativity in action!

Uncovering Game-Changing Insights

Spectrum uses Galileo6, a real-time PESO monitoring system, to track metrics and gain insights as they are happening. This proprietary offering is the cornerstone to fueling smart communications strategies from start to finish.