Darby Pearson

Executive Vice President, Consumer Science

As a leader in Spectrum’s consumer science practice, Darby works in partnership with clients to strategically elevate the science behind their products. She guides teams to take the complicated, nuanced and controversial and bring it to life in ways that maximize reach, engagement and action. Her expertise includes scientific credentialing, advocacy relations, media relations and scientific communications for dermatology, respiratory health, oncology and sustainability clients. She currently leads scientific communications efforts for several major consumer products companies.

Darby has a proven track record of problem solving client challenges by bringing science to life for various stakeholders. Leveraging tools like credentialing strategies, influencer activation and content marketing, she works with teams to deliver holistic, measurable results. She has led communications strategies and execution for data announcements, product launches, branding, issues management and corporate leadership, to name a few.

Darby’s passion for translating science to be relevant and meaningful to different audiences comes to life every day through programs focused on ingredient technology and transparency, new product innovation and corporate scientific strategy and storytelling.

Before coming to Spectrum, Darby worked on behalf of a variety of lifestyle clients at KMR Communications and Tractenberg Public Relations in Manhattan. Darby graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor's degree in communications, with a concentration in public relations and a minor in photography. Her love of all things food, family and health means outside of work you can usually find her in the kitchen, on a run or looking for trouble with her two kids.

"Infusing fun and creativity into everything we do leads to the best teams, ideas and outcomes."