Jon Higgins

Chief Engagement Officer

Jon Higgins joined Spectrum November 2018 in the newly created role of Chief Engagement Officer. A multi-faceted role, Jon is responsible for taking Spectrum’s culture to the next level—and having a bit of fun doing it!

Prior to joining Spectrum, Higgins' 24-year career at Ketchum began in California and expanded to Europe, where he led the region for many years. As CEO International, Higgins established the Asia-Pacific region and headed the Latin America, Middle East and Africa region; most recently, he spearheaded global acquisitions.

Jon holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. He is also a son, uncle, brother, husband, father of five and owner of three dogs. Jon lives in the Baltimore, MD area and is also a writer, a reader, a photographer and a runner.

“I hail from a line of frustrated inventors, but I am nevertheless undaunted—tremendously excited, actually—to invent what engagement means to Spectrum.”