Jonathan Wilson

President and CEO

Jonathan Wilson is no stranger to serendipity.  Upon graduating from University of Leicester with a BS in molecular biology, and faced with the prospect of years of study to get a PhD, Jonathan decided to explore a career in finance.  After interviewing for an account executive position, he was shocked to find out that he had applied for and been offered a job with a PR firm.  Lured by the promise of photo shoots and expensed dinners (it was the 90s after all), he took the job and has never looked back. 

As president and CEO of Spectrum and head of GLOBALHealthPR, Jonathan leads an enterprising team of global science communications experts with his unique mix of skill, experience and an eye to the future. Jonathan has served as a trusted senior counselor to some of the world’s top pharmaceutical brands, and continues to consult with Spectrum clients to develop and amplify science-driven conversations to reach audiences around the globe. He’s known for engendering incredible loyalty, in large part because he gives his teams the space they need to succeed, ultimately allowing them to own and shape the direction of Spectrum with him. It’s for this reason that Spectrum is able to meet the incredibly diverse and nuanced needs of its clients. 

Jonathan lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife Suzie, their three children, and his ever-growing collection of vintage medical artifacts.

“Science and storytelling—that’s what it’s all about.”

We’re Passionate People

We can’t help it. We love science and its potential to improve lives. We’re all about making science cool and celebrating innovation. Our passion translates to a career environment that encourages diversity, new ideas, hard work and creativity. We build true partnerships with our clients, and are proud of our long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships.