Justin Rubin

Chief Creative Officer

Justin Rubin has been behind the creation of award-winning healthcare campaigns for nearly 20 years. His extensive experience has impacted the life cycles of countless brands across a multitude of channels and categories, including hematology, infectious disease, urology, respiratory, pain management, endocrinology and ophthalmology. He is an expert in telling the stories of complex portfolios, both elevating the brands within a portfolio and transforming them into something greater than the sum of their parts. When Justin isn’t pushing healthcare in new directions, he can be found caring for his ever expanding guitar collection, wife, daughters and dogs Scruffy and Cookie—although not in this order.

Justin received his bachelor’s degree in journalism and business from Indiana University Bloomington.

“A creative’s killer instinct stems from a need to explore their imagination and somehow learn to reveal all that craziness to the rest of the world."