Pamela Lippincott

Chief Learning Officer

Pam Lippincott is a rare find in the PR agency world: a chief learning officer with 20 years’ account-side experience in healthcare communications and media relations. In short, she understands the work Spectrum does because she’s done the work herself. She knows what Spectrum team members need on both a professional and personal level to learn, grow, be happy and produce consistently great work for clients. 

Creating a positive work environment guides everything Pam does at Spectrum, from getting to know each person as an individual to ensuring they have a rich experience through tailored growth plans. Pam believes that people are Spectrum’s heartbeat, and keeping it strong means wanting both the work we do, and the people we work with, to be part of our lives. 

Outside of Spectrum, one could say that Pam is her family’s chief learning officer, too. Passionate about helping people reach their potential, she develops individually tailored summertime learning curriculums (affectionately dubbed “Mom’s Homework”) for her kids, aged 17, 14, 8 and 3. Pam has a BS from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. 

“People are the heartbeat of Spectrum.”