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The right time and place for every message

The Spectrum media relations approach is as precise and compelling as the stories we tell. Our Precision Communications process seamlessly factors in overarching client goals, meaningful stories and strategic planning that puts the audience first. Our proprietary media mapping process enables us to pave inroads for clients, build strong relationships, and earn media placements where and when they matter. And post-publication, we ensure the life of a placement continues through a planned next-day strategy and targeted amplification to ensure we are reaching our audiences where they live.

Understanding who’s influencing whom is key to maximizing the impact of media relations.


We work with you to develop an ongoing news bureau with the right story angles to drive coverage with priority media.


We understand not only the media, but also the web of influence between them and how to leverage one piece to drive another.


Over time, we will also identify trend stories and opportunities for leadership pieces to showcase your difference and brand successes more prominently.

Spectrum has global reach – and a global perspective – through GLOBALHealthPR, a distinctly different model for global healthcare communications. GLOBALHealthPR is a partnership of independent healthcare only agencies operating in 42 different countries that perform as a single, cohesive team. Our partners have developed successful, integrated public affairs strategies for top pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and interest groups around the world. We understand our clients’ needs on the global, regional and country-specific level.

Experts to help along the way

Our account teams partner with specialists to form integrated teams that build winning strategies. With specialties in everything from analytics and reporting to media relations and the inner workings of Washington, DC politics, our integrated team structure ensures clients get both deep subject matter expertise and well-crafted strategy and execution for each project and program.