Public affairs

From Influence… to Impact

More than ever, healthcare is at the center of political debate and discussion — and each issue and stakeholder is competing for attention. We’re using science to build compelling stories that are impacting policy, working both inside and outside the Beltway to influence decision-makers and win hearts and minds.

Inside the beltway
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Influence legislators and policy-makers through advisors and trusted colleagues
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Outside the beltway
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Shape conversation in the media to build a broad audience of support using key digital influencers
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Science + Engagement


Relationships + History


Translation + Judgment


Storytelling + Community

Spectrum has global reach – and a global perspective – through GLOBALHealthPR, a distinctly different model for global healthcare communications. GLOBALHealthPR is a partnership of independent healthcare only agencies operating in 42 different countries that perform as a single, cohesive team. Our partners have developed successful, integrated public affairs strategies for top pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and interest groups around the world. We understand our clients’ needs on the global, regional and country-specific level.

Experts to help along the way

Our account teams partner with specialists to form integrated teams that build winning strategies. With specialties in everything from analytics and reporting to media relations and the inner workings of Washington, DC politics, our integrated team structure ensures clients get both deep subject matter expertise and well-crafted strategy and execution for each project and program.