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Authenticity in media is on the rise – we’re seeing the groundswell. The Chief Marketing Officer at Unilever put Facebook and Google on notice. The Atlantic has removed comments, putting a halt to a venue that too often has included “unhelpful, even destructive, conversations.” And just last week, news outlets are calling out Russian bots that are capitalizing on tragedy to drive divisiveness.

People are tired of being misled. They are tired of the echo chambers, the trolling and the cheap tricks for clicks. There’s never been a better time for earned media. But frankly, traditional media monitoring isn’t prepared.

When I was coming up in healthcare communications, media monitoring was a manual process. We scoured publications and clipped relevant articles before faxing them off to the client.

And that’s still in large part how media monitoring is conducted for most clients – albeit the digital version of cutting and faxing – an email delivers all of your clips or perhaps a tool aggregates all your mentions, and “scores” them largely based on aggregate counts. Moreover, clients and agencies use the ability to catch every single mention as a benchmark for success.

However, none of this is telling us what is most important: in a sea of mentions, which are the most important and what is the value?

Last week, Spectrum announced a new product, Galileo6. And it’s changing the way we work. Galileo6 uses machine learning to identify relevance in media. It focuses not on identifying every single mention, but on sifting through to find stories gaining traction, stories from top influencers and more. By identifying relevant mentions, it then allows users to dig deeper, get the pertinent facts and enables the appropriate actions that drive authentic conversations.

Media relevance is as much about measurement as it is about engagement. It allows us to follow a story and see how far it travels, across news and social, across the globe, across a microtribe or across a patient group. But it also lets us see how fast a story is moving, so that we can identify and engage with top news – right as it’s developing.

The power of this approach, particularly in healthcare, is tremendous. Instead of spending our time aggregating mentions or, worse, fixating on a single score, we are enabling our clients to engage real-time in the fastest-moving conversations, shaping the messages they want to deliver to the people who need to receive them. We’re not waiting for post-campaign surveys or post-mortems. We’re enabling our clients to engage with patients, doctors and other influencers in the health ecosystem, authentically, exactly when it matters most.

Healthcare is changing. News is changing. Isn’t it time for monitoring to change too?

Galileo6 is a premier marketing intelligence tool focused on delivering game-changing communications insights through a robust, integrated view of earned and social media along with paid and even owned channel integration including websites and sales data. Galileo6 was shortlisted for The Holmes Report In2 SABRE Award for Best in Marketing Technology. For more information or to request a demo, please visit:

This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Jonathan Wilson, Spectrum President and CEO.

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