A Heartfelt Thanks

Monday marked an important milestone. I completed the acquisition of Spectrum Science Communications from John J. Seng, its founder and former owner.

Five years ago I was approached by Alex Halbur of Prosper Group, and at the time I had no intentions of buying an agency. With little more than curiosity urging me on, I went to Washington, DC to see the Spectrum office and meet the team. Walking through the doors, I knew instantly that I was home. It had it all – the people, the passion, the purpose and the singular focus on science.

Within a few short months my wife and I were scouting neighborhoods and packing boxes.

John started Spectrum in 1996 to deliver something better. Having worked in healthcare on both the agency and the client side, he had seen the politics and inefficiencies of the traditional models and he knew there had to be a better way. He also understood the power of science in communications, and he knew that skilled communicators could use science to create powerful and persuasive stories for our clients.

In fact, he believed in this so strongly that, after founding Spectrum, he went out and found others around the world who also shared his vision, ultimately co-founding GLOBALHealthPR – the largest network of independent healthcare communications agencies in the world today.

After joining Spectrum and spending time with the team and the partners of GHPR, I got to know the people behind the brands. And they were all, in short, incredible. Passionately committed to their clients and deep experts in translating science in the marketplace, they placed client service above everything else, day in and day out. I soon realized that Spectrum and GHPR were two of the best-kept secrets in the industry.

Fast forward four and a half years, and Spectrum has grown to over 110 employees with double digit revenue growth each year. It’s no longer a best-kept secret, but a true agency of the future. We combine deep analytics with integrated communications expertise to meet the changing needs of our clients today, and tomorrow.

And we’re just getting started. Our focus on client service, delivering innovative solutions and impeccable quality across the integrated spectrum of marketing communications, is unwavering. Our belief that science holds the key to changing perceptions, particularly with increasingly skeptical audiences, is unwavering. And our commitment to remaining independent, to putting the client first and leaving agency politics far behind, is unwavering.

I want to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to John for his vision, passion and partnership. I would also like to thank those on this journey with me, as well as all the teams that make up Spectrum. I’d especially like to thank my leadership team, many of whom picked up the phone and took my call, leaving roles and teams they enjoyed to come and help me build this organization and share my vision for tomorrow.

Finally, I’d like to thank our clients for letting us shape their brand stories and for placing their trust and partnership in us. We put you first each and every day, as John did on day one, and we’re privileged to see a future where we will continue to do just that.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Jonathan Wilson, Spectrum Owner, President and CEO.

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