Attending HLTH 2024: Where Networking, Brand Boosting and Cool Collide

There are health conferences and then there is HLTH. Let’s be honest, HLTH is not just another conference, it’s an experience. If it was a movie character it would be a mash up between James Bond and Jeffrey “Dude” Lebowski. After attending HLTH 2023 our Spectrum team found it was the one place that was able to combine the best of intellectual stimulation, inspiration, seamless networking, culinary delights and of course unparalleled entertainment resulting in the coolest conference on the block.

At Spectrum, we are always committed to empowering our clients to not only connect with their customers and target audience but also establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries. With this in mind, we wanted to share our thoughts on the benefits of attending or sponsoring the HLTH conference in Las Vegas on Oct. 20-23, 2024.

HLTH is the preeminent healthcare event, designed specifically for the health industry, which brings together inspiring thought leaders determined to solve healthcare’s most pressing problems while presenting promising opportunities for the future. Just attending can be a strategic move that can significantly enhance your brand's reach, reputation, and industry influence. There are also numerous opportunities to position yourself as a thought leader, network with key decision-makers, and gain valuable insights into the latest healthcare trends. If this piques your interest, now is the time to begin strategizing.

The Growth of HLTH

Over the past few years, HLTH has experienced unprecedented growth, attracting more than 10,000 attendees from various sectors of the healthcare industry. This includes 2,500 CEOs, 350 influential speakers and more than 150 members of the media, including renowned publications such as AXIOS, Bloomberg, CBS, CNBC, Forbes and The New York Times. HLTH also offers a unique platform for unparalleled networking opportunities. HLTH understands the importance of seamless connections and has developed a user-friendly app that allows attendees to effortlessly connect with like-minded professionals. The setting is up to you. There are private rooms, luxury cubicles, couches even cabanas on Industry Night, where Ashanti and Fat Joe headlined this year. When’s the last time you saw Fat Joe while networking? Whether you're looking for potential collaborators, investors or simply want to expand your network, the HLTH app provides a convenient platform to foster meaningful connections within the industry.

Sponsorship Opportunities

HLTH offers an array of sponsorship opportunities designed to amplify your brand's visibility and engagement with key decision-makers in the healthcare industry. From branding and digital signage to print signage, food sponsorships, tech talks, daily shows, digital content, lounges, attendee networking spaces and evening receptions, HLTH provides a comprehensive range of options to suit your specific goals and budget.

Early Opportunities and Submissions

It's worth noting that HLTH 2024 is already accepting sponsorship opportunities, ensuring that you have ample time to secure your spot and maximize your brand's exposure. Additionally, submissions for speakers typically open in May. The conference will center around a specific theme, but suggested topics can vary as long as they explore the advancement and future of healthcare. For example, AI, health equity, mental wellness/mindfulness and patient advocacy played major roles in HLTH 2023. Spectrum has the 2024 HLTH Sales Catalog and is here to guide and support our clients who are interested in attending, sponsoring or submitting for a speaking opportunity on trending health-related topics. Check out the HLTH 2024 website, Sales Catalog and Interactive Exhibitor Floor Plan.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities and unlock the full potential of your brand at this groundbreaking event.

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