Spectrum Science: Beyond the Science Quo

It’s been over six years since I agreed to acquire Spectrum Science—and what a ride it’s been.

When I joined, Spectrum was a DC-based public relations agency with a great reputation and even greater people doing important work. As President and then CEO, I saw a space where the lines between marketing, communications and media (digital, social and traditional) were converging, and where a deep grasp of the science was key to developing intermedia strategies that deliver on our clients’ evolving business needs. I sought to set Spectrum up to push the envelope and do something different, to not only meet the needs of today’s marketplace but lead the future needs of the industry.

Today, our proprietary methodology and way of working together enables a strategy-first approach rooted in science across end-to-end capabilities. And by putting that strategy first in everything we do, custom-tailoring teams to each client’s unique business challenge, we enable media neutral executions that make tactics across the most efficient and effective channels—determined by the best way to reach our audiences—greater than the sum of their parts. This intermedia approach forges the link between strategy, creative, execution and analytics, delivering with unprecedented impact on our client’s specific business challenges.

Having transformed internally, over the past year we undertook the hard work to really understand who we are as a company—so our new brand could be a true representation of the agency.

I am proud to unveil the result—a new look that truly reflects who we are today, whilst honoring our legacy of yesterday. It’s purposeful, smart and committed, exactly how I feel about our work to connect humankind with its best healthlife. In this way the new brand is not only emblematic of our fearless scientific spirit, but reflective of our core values and mission. It only takes one look at our website or visit to our office to know who we are, what we stand for and where we want to go—beyond the realm of the possible.

If you’re already working with us or for us, this transition should feel like greeting an old friend—albeit with a bit of a makeover. And if you’re not working with us yet, we hope this makes you curious about what we could accomplish together.

Either way, this is Spectrum. Let’s go beyond the science quo—together.

Jonathan Wilson is CEO of Spectrum Science, a marketing, communications, and media agency hyper-focused on science. Learn more at  spectrumscience.com

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