MM+M 2021 Game Changers: Spectrum Science

Spectrum Science takes inspiration from Pink Floyd’s seminal album Dark Side of the Moon, with expertise spanning the entire spectrum of integrated marketing and communications solutions to deliver interwoven marketing, communications and media solutions. Hyper-focused on science, we deliver experiences that are out of this world. But the album is also emblematic of our fearless scientific spirit and an unquenchable desire to not only dream beyond the realm of the possible—but do it.

Like you, we believe there is no purpose mightier or more noble than bettering health through science. And with no parent company, we’re free to do what other agencies can’t—or won’t—to make that happen. This starts with hiring the best in the industry and giving them free rein. With science as our sole focus, we’re in the unique position to truly understand and meet our clients’ every need—from seed funded to big pharma, health tech to consumer science. With capabilities specifically cultivated to support the entire product life cycle from pre-clinical through loss of patent exclusivity, clients from all areas of the healthcare industry seek us out for our high-caliber, high-science comms and the elusive efficiency of bringing together all solutions—advertising and marketing, public relations, med comms and everything in between—under one P&L.

Whatever the challenge, we’ll uncover the right solution, with a team custom-built for your exact needs. Every engagement begins with our proprietary, insights-driven process inspired by the formula for scientific breakthroughs: the rigor of the scientific method performed by people who are experienced, curious, purposeful and driven.

Our Spectrumtific Method ensures science, planning and analytics help drive strategic, differentiated positioning for atomic creative that breaks through the chaos of an omnichannel world, while our experts across media types have the chops to deliver on any channel. As our clients tell us, because we nail the strategy and we know science, everything else follows—and falls into place. These indispensable ingredients ensure, come hell or high science, we conquer any business challenge.

With offices in Washington, DC, New York, Chicago and Atlanta, and expansive global reach as the U.S. partner and chair of GLOBALHealthPR, the largest independent health and science communications agency partnership worldwide, Spectrum is ready to take on the world for you.

What health technologies or trends that got a boost during 2020 will gain the most traction in 2021?

“The pivot to digital as the primary communications channel during the pandemic will become a permanent change to marketing strategy across all stages of the funnel. Whether website, social media, virtual events or paid ads, we’ll need to move beyond general personalization and specifically tailor to the individuals we seek to reach. Data and AI technology will be paramount to achieving increasingly personal, connected experiences.”

— Rob Oquendo, Chief Innovation Officer

This feature originally appeared in MM+M's 2021 Game Changers edition. Learn more about how we're driving innovation in the industry

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