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Voyage of a Vaccine: Clinical Trials and Regulatory Review
Join our exploration of the clinical and regulatory requirements to bring a safe and effective vaccine to market—as well as specific implications for COVID-19.
Fact vs. Fiction: Following the Science for a COVID-19 Vaccine
Owner and CEO Jonathan Wilson discusses the importance of trusting the scientific process when it comes to developing a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 and why it's our best bet to limiting the spread.
Voyage of a Vaccine: A Conversation with COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Volunteer Sophia Upshaw
Watch as Chief Creative Officer Justin Rubin interviews COVID-19 vaccine trial volunteer and student, Sophia Upshaw.
Doctor and Digital: The Perfect Balance and Communication’s Role
Healthcare is truly more than giving information and treatment—it’s about building relationships, developing trust and adapting to patient needs. Read VP Robyn Wellikoff's thoughts following the 2020 STAT Health Tech Summit.
Voyage of a Vaccine
As the world awaits a COVID-19 vaccine, we're going beyond the headlines—join our exploration of what it takes to bring a safe and effective vaccine to market and administer it to the masses.
Voyage of a Vaccine: Discovery and Development
Developing a COVID-19 vaccine is our best bet to limit the spread of the virus and save millions of lives. Take a voyage with us as we explore the vaccine discovery and development process.
Equality Requires Empathy: Spectrum’s Approach to this Women's Equality Day
Chief Human Resources Officer Andrea Sessler reflects on new considerations for working moms brought on by unprecedented times and where we as an agency still have room to grow in creating a more inclusive environment.
How Did We Get Here? COVID-19 Lessons in Failure, Forthcomingness and Facts
A recent article in The Atlantic by Science Writer Ed Yong about America's mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic draws some key parallels to effective public relations. Read VP of Media Cherise Adkins's take here.
Virtual Medical Meetings: A Q&A With Account Executive Montana Morris
Virtual is the new reality for medical meetings—read what Account Executive Montana Morris' had to say about her experience working on virtual events.
How COVID-19 Changed Our Use of Emoji
COVID-19 caused a shift in the way we communicate, including how we use the universal language: emoji. For World Emoji Day 2020, we analyzed key trends and shifts in usage of emoji since the start of the pandemic.
Spectrum Science—the Album Cover(s)
Spectrum Science is featured in MM&M's Agency 100—with a twist. Learn about the creatives who put together atomic album covers for this year's MM&M Top 100 issue.
Spectrum Selected for MM&M's 2020 Agency 100
The Agency 100 is MM&M's annual ranking of the top health and science agencies and how they're uniquely changing the industry.