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Let Nature Nurture Your Mind All Year
Studies show that green and blue spaces can greatly impact your mental health. As we close out Mental Health Awareness Month, explore how nature has helped support Spectrumites Kay Brungs Laud, SVP, and Samantha Loyola, VP, on their mental health journeys.
Spectrum’s Award-Winning Storytelling
Spectrum has once again proven its expertise in storytelling by bringing home two Bronze Awards from the 44th Annual Telly Awards ceremony.
For the People, By the People: The Commodification of Content & What It Means for Brands
Tessa Lieber, Associate Director of Content Strategy, explains how rather than companies developing content, it's the people that are now the content owners and decision makers. Read more on this shift and how brands can react.
The Importance of Diversity in Clinical Trials for Better Health Outcomes
Read the latest from members of our clinical trial recruitment team as they weigh in on the FDA's recent guidance on diversity in clinical trials.
A Transformative Year and a Heartfelt Win
Spectrum took home the distinguished Heart Award at the 2023 Manny Awards celebration after a transformational year of growth and purpose-driven work.
Path to Sustainable Advertising: Paving the Way for a Greener Digital Future
As Earth Day approaches, VP of Ad Tech + Optimization, Jessica Peterson, weighs in on the impact digital advertising can have on the planet and provides solutions for how to build greener, more sustainable advertising campaigns.
The Twitter Algorithm: Taking a Look Under the Hood
Twitter has gone through a lot of changes to its algorithm recently—changes that may greatly impact your social media strategy. Read more from Director of Social Media, Amanda Changuris.
Clinical Trial Recruitment: Building a system that works for patients
SVP, Clinical Trial Recruitment, Altair Silva, weighs in on the conversations coming out of SCOPE 2023 and the challenges of recruiting patients for clinical trials.
Diversity in Clinical Trials: Beyond Fantasy
Read SVP, Dr. Tania Martin-Mercado's key takeaways from this year's SCRS Diversity Solutions Summit and her thoughts on the future of diversity in clinical trial recruitment.
The Power of Patients as Partners 2023 Conference: Turning Insights into Action
SVP, Zena Smith, reflects on attending Patients as Partners 2023 and highlights key learnings that can improve patient engagement and recruitment.
Social Impact Considerations for a More Purpose Driven 2023
As companies continue to evaluate their DE&I and ESG plans for 2023, SVP of Social Impact, Kay Brungs Laud, takes a look at the current landscape based on Q1 trends and put together 5 social impact considerations companies should be thinking about in the year ahead.
Addressing the Black Maternal Health Crisis—Black History Month and Beyond
Black maternal mortality is a public health crisis that requires ongoing education, resources and support to make real change. Account Executive Brendi Bluitt weighs in on this and her passion to bring awareness to inequities within Black maternal health.