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How COVID-19 Changed Our Use of Emoji
COVID-19 caused a shift in the way we communicate, including how we use the universal language: emoji. For World Emoji Day 2020, we analyzed key trends and shifts in usage of emoji since the start of the pandemic.
Spectrum Science—the Album Cover(s)
Spectrum Science is featured in MM&M's Agency 100—with a twist. Learn about the creatives who put together atomic album covers for this year's MM&M Top 100 issue.
Spectrum Selected for MM&M's 2020 Agency 100
The Agency 100 is MM&M's annual ranking of the top health and science agencies and how they're uniquely changing the industry.
Now, and Always—How Pharma Brands Can Get Their Messaging Right During the Pandemic
As people look to health and science companies to lead us out of this pandemic, their reputations are on a bit of a high. Owner & CEO Jonathan Wilson shares with the Public Relations Society of America's National Capital Chapter how pharma can keep communications authentic to their brand.
A Q&A on Science Communications with Scientific American
EVP Bryan Blatstein led a discussion with Scientific American to talk about the pandemic's impact on health and science journalism and how the industry is adapting.
Spectrum Science Participates in New York Wear A Mask Challenge
New Yorkers, don't be a yo-yo and wear a mask to protect those around you.
Science Communications in the Time of COVID-19
This virtual conversation delves into insights from the frontlines of science and journalism with leading voices from one of the most well-known popular science magazines in the world, Scientific American.
To Beat the Sit Out of COVID-19, We Need to Give a Sit About Science
There's no blueprint on what we should do to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. But we must do what is right and trust the science—and the science says to sit out and to give it enough time to beat this disease.
Beat the Sit Out of COVID-19
Now more than ever, everything worth living for is worth sitting for. We're in this together. Let's #BeatTheSit Out of COVID-19.
A Glimpse into the Future: Insights from Italy on the Impact of COVID-19
This hour-long webcast co-hosted with our GLOBALHealthPR partner in Italy provides insights from trusted sources of information on the impact of Covid-19 and impending implications for the U.S. Moderated by Rick Berke, Co-founder and Executive Editor of STAT News.
A Guide to Communications Amidst Crisis
While updates on COVID-19 continue to flood newsfeeds, SVP John McInerney shares our mnemonic to ensure your brand's message is received as intended during times of uncertainty.
Truth Amidst Crisis: Learnings From COVID-19
As we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic every day, the truth about a virus we are just beginning to understand is evolving. Owner & CEO Jonathan Wilson looks to who he believes to be the most trusted voice in the conversation—Dr. Anthony Fauci.