Spectrum Science Launches the Galileo6 Proprietary Market Intelligence Platform

WASHINGTON, February 14, 2018 – Spectrum Science Communications, a leading independent health and science public relations agency, today launched Galileo6TM, the first insights and analytics tool of its kind, tailored to meet the immediate needs of individuals and companies needing to stay abreast of the rapidly changing world of health and science communications.

“The future of communications for health and science lies in responsive, insights-first strategy,” said Jonathan Wilson, President and CEO of Spectrum. “The communications programs we’re seeing in market today are tested and launched based on the landscape of that moment, but too often they aren’t designed to be nimble and responsive to the evolving conversations that will extend their value. By focusing on media relevance and key insights rather than being gatekeepers to data, we’re able to predict trends, analyze the marketplace and ultimately uncover game-changing insights that allow our clients to engage and drive value.”

Critical conversations with patients and caregivers are happening constantly across communications channels, and these conversations are continually layered with new information, news and perspective. Simultaneously, seeking health or medical information is the third most popular online activity, demonstrating the need for real-time landscape analysis. To stay ahead of the curve, Spectrum has partnered with Tickr, a data visualization expert, to create the Galileo6 platform, which empowers brands to create meaningful, timely interactions through a platform that monitors and analyzes measurement metrics to assess key performance indicators (KPIs) across all integrated communications efforts (paid, earned, shared and owned) and, through machine learning, identifies and scores relevance and value.

Key aspects include:

  • Media Relevance, Not Media Monitoring: With the ability to sift through monitoring data and highlight emerging trends and key information, brands are able to engage and adjust as conversations unfold
  • Focus on Insights: With data and metrics automated and visualized in one integrated dashboard, the focus is on insights and action rather than the collection and configuration of data
  • Cross-Channel Assessment: With the ability to map communications data across an unlimited number of platforms and channels, the dashboard eliminates the need to access multiple tools and sites

“Measurement is about improving, not proving. Traditional tools deliver data, but by the time a user pulls, aggregates, formats and presents the information, it has already become outdated,” said Rob Oquendo, EVP, Digital and Creative. “Galileo6 provides the unique opportunity for users to harness the 24/7 news-cycle by taking an active role in campaigns and trends as they evolve.”

The initial suite of applications, custom built for health and science clients, includes a dashboard focused on news, including earned and social media; an offering to assess metrics across a company’s paid, earned, shared and owned channels; and a fully customizable option, allowing users to expand their dashboard to include additional trends, campaigns and data sources as needed. Additional products are currently in development, expected to launch in 2019.

Galileo6 was shortlisted for The Holmes Report In2 SABRE Award for Best in Marketing Technology. For more information or to request a demo, please visit: www.galileo6.net.

This press release originally appeared on PR Newswire.

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