A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Google’s Search Generative Experience

At Spectrum, we’re constantly keeping track of topics that are timely and that our clients have expressed interest in understanding more deeply. Our POV series is designed to provide actionable, of-the-moment perspective that can spawn new ways of thinking, creativity and help support business growth.

Our latest POV talks about Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) and its transformative development in search technology which has the potential to significantly impact healthcare search and digital marketing. SGE uses AI-generated technology to provide comprehensive, paragraph-formatted answers with embedded media and the ability to ask follow-up questions, enhancing the user's search experience.

In healthcare, SGE's rollout is gradual and cautious, aiming to limit issues related to the accuracy of answers. Google has opted out of certain topics to ensure user safety, however, it still provides health-related information with disclaimers. SGE appears to favor established healthcare sources like Healthline and WebMD, posing a challenge for other brands to maintain visibility.

This POV explains this in greater detail but also offers five strategies for marketers to help prepare their brand for SGE’s impact. Now is the perfect time to stay ahead of this curve and have a more in-depth conversation on how to get your brand ready. Let’s chat!

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