Digital Dose: LinkedIn’s New Media Planning API and a New Trending Topics Feature on Threads

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In this edition of Digital Dose, we’re diving into LinkedIn’s new media planning API and a new trending topics feature on Threads.

LinkedIn Launches New Media Planning API

LinkedIn has launched a new Media Planning API to assist marketers and agency partners with strategic campaign planning, utilizing data and user insights directly sourced from the platform (such as targeted audience insights and budget allocation data). The introduction of the Media Planning API will help enable informed decisions on the most effective media mix, timing and frequency of advertising campaigns for maximum ROI, providing deeper insights into unique audiences and enabling B2B marketers to craft campaigns that are relevant and highly effective in reaching their specific business audience. The API makes it more accessible for agencies to see the forecasted reach and frequency of brand campaigns before spending any budget, taking into account various user data points including demographics, job roles, industries and online behaviors. Read more.

Why it matters: This expanded insight can provide marketers more accuracy and allows agencies to better scenario plan and drive measurable results on LinkedIn. In addition to optimizing strategies, agencies can now better demonstrate the value of these strategies by showcasing concrete forecasted data on how different scenarios and strategies perform.

Meta Tests Trending Topics on Threads

This week, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the app is now testing a trending topics feature in the United States. “Today’s top topics” will be determined by AI with some curation by a team of content specialists. Read more.

Why it matters: If Threads is to grow into a true competitor or replacement for Twitter/X, it will need to find a way to become a reliable source for information on real-time events. The addition of trending topics could improve discoverability and keep users feeling in the know.

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