Spectrums Sabbatical Series: Adventures in Oxford, Highlands and Family Bonds

After seven years of unwavering dedication and hard work, Spectrum rewards its employees with a well-earned, month-long sabbatical meant for rejuvenation and reflection. During this 30-day work-free escape, Spectrumites explore a full-range of experiences from travel to spending time with family to learning new things. Above all, time and time again, these sabbaticals reinforce the importance of work-life balance and upon their return to work, Spectrumites carry a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to excellence. Our new blog series, Liz Bryan, is our attempt to share a glimpse of these experiences with you and spotlight some of our employee’s amazing adventures.

First up, we hear from 16 year employee, Liz Bryan, Executive Vice President, and learn about her time away in a quick Q&A style interview: 

    1. How did you spend your sabbatical?

    I filled my sabbatical with a mix of travel, family time and learning. I spent the first week taking a week-long class on Jane Austen’s writing at Oxford University in the UK. It was so fun! I stayed on campus and got to nerd out in a way that I never have time to. I also went to Hilton Head Island, SC with family and to Scotland with my Dad to explore the Highlands   

        2. What were you looking forward to most with your time off?

      Being able to do things I typically don’t have time to do. Disconnecting, learning and having the time to do things I am passionate about that sometimes get pushed aside with our work and schedule.  

          3. How did you view your sabbatical time differently than your FTO?

        I viewed my sabbatical as leave more than FTO. I made a point to disconnect so I could get the absolute most out of it. I also wanted to use the time to do things that may require a little more time away from home.

            4. After your sabbatical did you have a renewed outlook on your work?

          Yes, I was excited to come back by the end. I missed the team, the work and was refreshed and ready to get back at it and apply some of the perspective on work/life balance, motivation and learning I gained while I was away.

              5. What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone about to go on a sabbatical?

            Take the opportunity to do something special with it – think about the things you’ve always wanted to do or what you think you need right now to get to a refreshed place. It can be big or small, but make it personal and purposeful so it accomplishes what it’s meant to accomplish.

                6. Did you learn anything new while on your sabbatical?

              I learned that you actually can make the time to keep growing outside of work and that it is essential that you do so to be your best self, both personally and professionally.

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