Step Into Spring: Fostering Mental Well-Being Through Collective Action

Taking care of one’s mental health has always been of great importance at Spectrum. In fact, our 2023 holiday campaign leaned into using humor and laughter as a way to alleviate stress. So, it’s no surprise that once spring began making its appearance, we kicked off our “Step Into Spring” company-wide step challenge with the goal of igniting some friendly competition and inspiring positive movement and activity.

Everyone was given an app to track their steps during the challenge dates and see where they stacked up against their participating peers. At the end of the month, our three top place winners would each receive a prize, even though the ultimate prize was healthier habits and healthier minds.

The results were more than we ever expected:

  • Across the agency we had over 65 people participate.
  • As a group, we took over 10 million steps.
  • In total, we walked 5,000 miles – that would be the same distance as walking from New York to Hawaii!

We also saw positive personal and professional impacts for everyone who participated. Our first-place winner, Jess Bell said, "I experienced a huge increase in my mood throughout the month and enjoyed some friendly competition with my peers. This was a great way to get some exercise and boost my daily productivity!"

“The step challenge was the motivation I needed to get outside to enjoy the spring weather! I was inspired by everyone in the step challenge to keep moving,” said our second-place winner, Kristina Roberts.

At Spectrum, the success of our "Step Into Spring" challenge underscores our commitment to prioritizing mental health through active engagement. This initiative not only encouraged physical activity but also fostered a sense of community and support among our employees, highlighting the powerful role of collective action in enhancing mental well-being. We look forward to building on this momentum with further initiatives that support our team's health and happiness, reinforcing the belief that taking care of mental health is crucial for personal and professional success.

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