Voyage of a Vaccine

If you've been following progress towards a COVID-19 vaccine alongside the rest of the world, you likely have questions about what it will take, safety and efficacy and timing. As an agency hyper-focused on science, we're using our expertise and science-telling capabilities to chronicle the voyage of a vaccine, driving awareness and education around the more nuanced components of the story. 

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Voyage of a Vaccine

 A successful COVID-19 vaccine requires more than discovery and immune response. This infographic series explores the steps required, implications for COVID-19 and current progress.

1. Countdown to Lift Off: Discovery and Development

2. Getting Into Orbit: Clinical Trials and Regulatory Review

    3. Manufacturing and Quality Control

    Journey through the Clinical Trial Process

    Volunteers for clinical trial processes are essential for ensuring the safety and efficacy of a vaccine across populations. Watch this interview with Chief Creative Officer Justin Rubin to hear from vaccine trial volunteer Sophia Upshaw, a 22-year-old grad student and one of the first to receive a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

    CCO Justin Rubin also had the opportunity to speak with Jen Haller, the first-ever volunteer to be given a COVID-19 vaccine. Watch this interview to hear about her decision-making process, conversations with family and her strong belief in science.

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