Spectrum Sabbatical Series: Seizing the Moment with Travel and Family

Sabbaticals offer crucial opportunities for periods of recharging and personal development, and upon return, studies have shown employees can develop new skills and reduce burnout. At Spectrum, we are fortunate to be able to provide our committed team members who have been with us for over seven years the chance to enjoy a month-long hiatus. Today, we highlight Andrew Bailey, VP of GHMC, as he utilized his time off to focus on family, travel and embracing the arrival of his son into the world.

Andrew reflects on his travels and time spent with family and considers how it affected his outlook on work-life balance.

1. How did you spend your sabbatical?

    I spent my sabbatical traveling with my parents on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean from Barcelona to Miami! I celebrated my dad’s birthday with him, which was special because I had missed his previous birthday due to COVID. After our trip, I spent the last part of my sabbatical preparing our house for the birth of my son, who was due just a few months later.

    2. What were you looking forward to most with your time off?

      I would say all three – family, adventure and preparing to welcome a new family member!

      3. How did you view your sabbatical time differently than your FTO?

        I saw my sabbatical as an opportunity to completely disconnect from work and immerse myself in quality time with my family. With no need to think about submitting time off requests, I seized the chance to plan experiences I'd long desired. To me, the sabbatical represented Spectrum's appreciation for my seven years of service to the company.

        4. After your sabbatical did you have a renewed outlook on your work?

          I had a new appreciation for my work and my team. I looked forward to connecting with them and catching up on everything I missed. I cherish that Spectrum has created an environment to grow relationships with team members and view colleagues as good friends. I also had a new outlook on cooking since taking cooking lessons on the cruise;, I was eager to come home and cook new meals for my family.

          5. What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone about going on a sabbatical?

            The advice I would offer to someone embarking on their sabbatical is to seize the moment and explore. Use this opportunity to pursue your long-held desires, whether it's taking a class, traveling or spending quality time with friends and family. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You won't regret it!

            6. Did you learn anything new while on your sabbatical?

              I acquired new cooking skills during my time in Barcelona. I delved into Spanish cuisine and mastered the art of cooking seafood. Additionally, I participated in a class focused on knife skills, if you can believe it. Did you know there is a difference in technique between cutting tomatoes versus onions? To this day, I enjoy using my new cooking skills acquired during sabbatical to impress my family and friends when they come over for dinner.

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